CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Teacher Turnover and Teacher Shortages

Research by Richard Ingersoll 

Teacher Turnover and Teacher Shortages: an Organizational Analysis Published in the Fall 2001 issue of the American Educational Research Journal, this is a 35-page research report on the roots of teacher shortages and teacher turnover, with a statistical analysis of how much teacher turnover exists, which kinds of schools have more of it and why they do. Download a copy.

Is There Really a Teacher Shortage? Published in September 2003 by the Consortium for Policy Research in Education and the Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy, this 28-page research report builds on, and updates the above research article on the teacher shortage. It presents data on teacher demand, supply and turnover to make the case that the teacher shortage is a case of a wrong diagnosis and a wrong prescription. Download a copy.

Researcher Skewers Explanations Behind Teacher Shortage (by Debra Viadero)
This is a news story on a presentation given at the annual meeting of the AERA. It was published in the April 10, 2002 issue of Education Week. Download a copy.

Start date: 
January 2001
End date: 
September 2003