CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Evaluation of the Teacher Incentive Fund (Breakthrough Charter Schools)

Breakthrough Charter Schools of Cleveland, Ohio has recently been awarded a Teacher Incentive Fund grant (TIF) by the U.S. Department of Education meant to increase the retention rates of effective teachers, as well as to improve teacher professional development, leadership and career opportunities. As part of the TIF program, teachers receive raises based upon their students’ learning growth as well as principal observations. CPRE-TC is conducting an independent mixed-methods evaluation of this program. Using a comparative interrupted time-series design, researchers will examine the impact of the program on teacher retention rates and performance. In addition, semi-structured interviews and online surveys conducted with teachers, school leaders and network staff will inform the ongoing implementation of the program.

Project Team: Katharine (Katie) Conn, Douglas Ready

Start date: 
September 2015
End date: 
May 2017