CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

i3-Funded Evaluation of SunBay Mathematics

CPRE is conducting a two-year, mixed-methods evaluation of SunBay Mathematics, an innovative, technology-based approach to middle school math instruction. SunBay was developed by SRI International based on extensive prior research and Learning Science principles.  It is recognized as an effective intervention by the What Works Clearinghouse.

CPRE’s experimental study will measure SunBay’s impact on student math performance and assess the program’s school-level implementation. The evaluation will investigate variation in school-level program impacts on student performance using quasi-experimental methods, and will explore factors that predict variation in program effects. Through direct observations, interviews, and the use of the TASK—a researcher-developed assessment of teacher learning--CPRE will assess the rigor of classroom instruction as well as teachers’ sophistication in analyzing student understanding for informed instructional decision-making. This study promises to contribute new insights on teacher learning, the use of technology in math instruction, and math achievement among middle-school students. 


Start date: 
January 2014
End date: 
January 2017