CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

The Common Core in New York City Schools

In 2010, CPRE was awarded a grant from the GE Foundation to conduct a mixed-methods evaluation of the Developing Futures in Education Program.  One strand of CPRE's evaluation involved research in New York City, as the NYC Department of Education put in place a long-term strategy for implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Slowing Entropy: Instructional Policy Design in New York City, 2011-12 analyzes the crafting of the NYC DOE Citywide Instructional Expectations (CIEs), a policy designed to help schools engage witht he CCSS. 

The Lived Experience of Standards Implementation in New York City Schools, 2011 examines how a group of 16 diverse schools, in 5 NYC boroughs, interpreted and used the CIEs during CCSS implementation.

From the Inside In: An Examination of Common Core Knowledge and Communication in Schools explores how CCSS knoweldge and influence were distributed inside NYC schools and how these configurations help teachers to engage with and understand CCSS implemenation.

Coming Soon! Collaborative Learning: How Teachers Come to Understand and Share Common Core Knowledge will further examine teacher collaboration in NYC schools as a means of cultivating and transferring knowledge about CCSS.

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Start date: 
January 2010
End date: 
January 2013